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Yvonne Hakkert    : born in Amsterdam The Netherlands
Birthday    : 13-01-1962
Education    : Businessschool, Rietveld academy, KHO Open university Philosophy
Membership    : BBK / Union of visual artists
C.O.C. Amterdam    : Y.A. Hakkert reg.nr. 33233992
1994    : Shop / open atelier Hartenstraat Amsterdam centre
1998    : Atelier Amstel Amsterdam centre
2000    : Atelier Prinsengracht Amsterdam centre
2003    : Atelier Brouwersgracht Amsterdam centre
2004-2007    : Atelier Bickerseiland Amsterdam centre
Art Expo YH   
1994    : Internet
1994-1996    : Open Atelier Hartenstraat
1996    : Pas De Stoel Westerstraat
1996    : Beurs van Berlage Amsterdam 20 sept. / 13 oct. 1996
1997-present    : Internet
2003    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden
2004    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden
2005    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden
2006    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden. More info. oawe.nl
2007    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden. 26, 27, 28 may 2007
2007    : Computerkunst Presentatie Pakhuis de Zwijger Uitmarkt 2007
2007    : De Woordensmederij; Bickersgracht 256 Amsterdam. Whole year Walk in Expo
2008    : De Woordensmederij; Bickersgracht 256 Amsterdam. Whole year Walk in Expo
2008    : Kunstroute Open Ateliers Westelijke eilanden, Pinkster weekend.
2008    : Kunstroute Kunsteilanden Amsterdam, 14 sept. Sunday: 13.00-17.00 hour. Info. OPENING : Kunsteilanden Amsterdam Every 2de sunday of the month.
2009    : Kunstroute Kunsteilanden Amsterdam, Every 2de sunday of the month: 13.00-17.00
2009    : De Woordensmederij; Bickersgracht 256 Amsterdam. Whole year Walk in Expo
2009    : Expo. with OPENING 6 years KunstKerk : saturday 31 jan. at 17.00 hours. Address: Prinseneiland 89 Amsterdam. Info. KunstKerk
2009    : Expo. 6 years KunstKerk : sunday 1 febr. 14.00 - 18.00 hours.
2009    : Expo. 6 years KunstKerk : saturday 7 febr. 14.00 - 18.00 hours.
2009    : Expo. 6 years KunstKerk : sunday 8 febr.

Yvonne Hakkert and digital Art

When I started working on the computer, I developed a fascination for the programming codes. These long lists of codes somehow translated to me as a language of form that interested me. Although I am not really technically orientated, I found that I could understand these codes very quickly and very easily. Obviously I had to do something with this. Eventualy this lead to my first digital artworks. (Previous studio).

Later, as the internet started emerging and computers became faster, the production and transmission of complex digital images became possible, and I immediately realised the tremendous possibilities this offered for my art. Not the artistic proces itself, but the actual craft of producing, the painting and drawing would change dramatically. My art could come within the reach of many more people, and also I could express a much larger part of my imageworld. I found that fascinating. In the beginning I got lost in the internetworld and its technical applications. I could express a lot of me in the graphic designing. I developed the first interactive websites, and I could use a lot of my images there. But in the end this didn't really satisfy me. The fleetingness of the medium and the large number of fast business boys made me feel less at home in this world. I wanted to make images that lasted.

That's when I started to produce digital works of art that were printed on large format glossy photographic paper. In making these works I use images of very high resolution to enable a good quality production of very large formats. I also researched the possibility of printing my images on glass, ceramic steel and other durable materials. With the continuing development of printing techniques it becomes more possible to use digital images on almost any surface. I am fascinated with the idea that my work could be seen in very large format in the public space, printed or projected, on buildings, large objects, screens, walls etc.

Another possibility I am looking at is the connection between digital images and digital music. When schematizing or digitizing the forms of an image, could one translate these schemes to music, and how would my picture sound?

I think that for any artist the real work is showing yourself in all your nakedness to the observer. It sometimes makes me feel very vulnerable, but at the same time I find it very inspiring. Obviously I hope that the buyers of my art will have a positive experience from it, but ultimately I make my art from myself, for myself. What it means to other people is secondary in the process. You either understand the image or you don't. It's as simple as that.

Y V O N N E  H A K K E R T

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